Dakota Fisher-Vance ’11 Featured in Article on Young Adults Coming Together to Cope with Cancer

Posted June 22nd, 2015 at 2:39 pm.

Dakota Fisher-Vance ’11, who was diagnosed at 22 with a rare colon cancer and a rare soft-tissue tumor thought to be an offshoot of the colon cancer, is among the young adults featured in “Strength in Numbers.”

The article profiles Fisher-Vance and others who have formed or joined groups for young adult survivors of cancer.

Fisher-Vance and fellow cancer survivor Cara Scharf recently founded the Young Adult Cancer Connection (YACC)

From the article:

Once opposed to having “cancer” friends, Fisher-Vance is not only happily inundated with them, she is dedicated to them.

A premed graduate from Bryn Mawr College, Fisher-Vance considers Philadelphia’s YACC a path to getting AYA-specific oncology education and training worked into medical school curriculums. She rounded up volunteers for CancerVention from premed programs. Her hope: that the “next generation of doctors will take this experience with them when they go to med school.”

For more about YACC, visit their website.

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