Children’s Fitness/Wellness Center to be Named after Louise Earle Loomis ’50

Posted January 29th, 2015 at 11:42 am.

Family Life Education, Inc. will name a new, state-of-the-art Children’s Fitness/Wellness Center after Louise Earle Loomis ’50. Designed to address the epidemic of childhood obesity disproportionately impacting inner city children nationwide, the facility will provide free access to health, nutrition and wellness programs for children in Hartford, CT.

A distinctive element in the new center is the inclusion of cognitive development components in its offerings.  Now under renovation, the facility will begin modest programming this winter and formally open in 2016.

Loomis is an educator who has devoted her 50-year career to ensuring that disadvantaged children have the opportunity to learn how to think creatively and solve problems effectively. Her expertise lies in the research, instruction and implementation of strategies in critical and creative thinking, brain-based learning techniques, creative problem solving and decision-making.

“We are naming the Center after Lou because her life work centers on what I consider the building blocks of children’s wellness—cognitive development,” said CEO Cándida Flores. “If a child can successfully think and learn, the circle of wellness is complete.” Notes FLE Board Chair Peter C. Gerali, “It is a privilege for Family Life Education to name the Children’s Fitness/Wellness Center after Dr. Loomis. Her acceptance lends tremendous credibility to the Center because of her outstanding achievements—and her example. More than anything else, naming the Center in her honor signifies one small way that we can thank her for all she has done for our organization and for Hartford children.”

Family Life Education, Inc. is an independent nonprofit that strives to build a strong community through the development of self-efficacy among at-risk Hartford-area families.

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