Kimberly Blessing ’97 Selected For CERN’s Hack Days to Create Early Web-Browsing Experience

Posted September 26th, 2013 at 1:46 pm.

Kimberly Blessing ’97 was selected to take part in The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)’s Line-Mode Browser Hack Days, where she aided in creating an interface that helps people understand what the early web-browsing experience was like.

To attend Hack Days, Blessing travelled to CERN, the birthplace of the web, located in Switzerland.

According to CERN’s website, The Hack Days project aimed to preserve and share some of the digital assets that are associated with the birth of the web. They also wanted to make, the first web address, a destination that reflects the history of the web. This site, which Blessing worked on, went live early this week.

For more, see this interview of Blessing on the CERN website.

From the interview:

“I wouldn’t be here had it not been for the encouragement and support of a number of important people from my college days. I have to thank my friend, Sarah, for first showing me how to write HTML, and I have to thank the staff at Bryn Mawr College (including Elysa, Helen, John, Rodney, David, Jeb, Alisa, and Jennifer) for giving me a running start. But, most of all, I have to thank my college advisor and friend, Deepak Kumar, who helped me find my first ‘real’ web development job, and reinforced that what I loved doing – creating web sites – could become a viable career, before most people even knew what the web was.”

Blessing majored in computer science while at Bryn Mawr and developed the first official Bryn Mawr website in 1996. She also designed the Alumnae Bulletin’s online magazine in 2011.

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    Kimberly, This is absolutely thrilling. You go girl!

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