Lakshmi Somasundaram ’13 Pens Article About Bryn Mawr in Indian Abroad

Posted June 20th, 2013 at 2:49 pm.


Photo provided by Somasundaram

Lakshmi Somasundaram ’13 discusses her experiences while at Bryn Mawr College in a recent article published in India Abroad. In the article, titled “Yes, Girls Rock,” Somasundaram reflects on her decision to choose a women’s college after attending an all-girls high school.

From the article: “A women’s college is not for everyone – we are a self-selected pool of women – but to all high-school girls reading this and to their parents, if you think this may be right for you or your daughter, then I would encourage you to consider women’s colleges because they are very special places.”

Somasundaram has written for the magazine’s “Teenspeak” section since age 12. In the past year, she has published an article on Autism in India in 2012 and her trip to Costa Rica.

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