Anna Kisselgoff ’58 Among the recipients of the 2012 Dance Magazine Awards

Posted December 13th, 2012 at 3:31 pm.

Anna Kisselgoff ’58 was among the recipients of the 2012 Dance Magazine awards.

From the magazine:
As a chief critic from 1977 to 2005, Anna Kisselgoff was The New York Times’ voice on dance. Her mission took her from the Joyce SoHo to Lincoln Center, from the American Dance Festival to the grand houses of Europe, and countless points in between. The performances she reviewed were no less eclectic: ballet, modern, Asian classical dance, tap, Broadway, flamenco, tango, Marcel Marceau, Michael Jackson, and–at the 1988 Olympics–ice dancing and the rodeo. If it moved, she wrote about it.

She didn’t like everything she saw and sometimes the feeling was mutual. But when she spoke, people listened. “Anna Kisselgoff, in her years at The New York Times, taught a number of generations of dance lovers not only what to look for and how to see a dance, but also where the dance had come from,” said Nigel Redden,
director of the Lincoln Center Festival. “She taught us history and gave us a context for what we saw. She made dance an art form with a past
and a future, not simply a present.” (more)

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