Bryn Mawr Alumnae Attend Women in Public Service Project Conference in Paris

Posted November 7th, 2012 at 2:22 pm.

Laurie Fenlason ’87, Fatu Badiane ’07, Theresa Kim ’01, Zunera Mirza ’05, and Kyra Turner-Zogbekor, Ph.D. candidate ’12, attended a four-day Women in Public Service Project (WPSP) conference held in Paris in October.

The conference focused on advancing women’s leadership in public health. It was designed to give emerging public service leaders a deeper understanding and broader professional networks around issues of infectious disease, domestic violence, nutrition and hunger, and gender disparities in access to medical treatment and resources.

Badiane, Kim, Mirza, and Turner-Zogbekor were all chosen as delegates for the conference. Fenlason is the vice president for public affairs at Smith College.

The conference reflected the overall goal of the WPSP, which is to increase the participation and influence of women in all spheres of public service. Participants enhanced their skills for attaining elected and appointed positions in the public sector while establishing networks within and outside their nations through which they can share strategies, tools, and support.

This WPSP conference was co-sponsored by Smith College and the U.S. Department of State, with the support of the European Parliament and the French government.

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